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At the heart of our business is a deep appreciation for our suppliers' unique needs. We take great care to truly understand the DNA of each brand we work with, leveraging our extensive experience and market knowledge to help them find a home in Canada.



Our warehouses are located in Vancouver, British Columbia and use an industry-specific WMS system that ensures high levels of accuracy and timely delivery. We ship across Canada to over 350 retail customers, warehouse all of our brands in-house and offer a wide range of shipping options to suit our suppliers and retailers’ individual needs.


Our internationally experienced importing and inventory management team works hard to ensure that products are moved smoothly, and product availability is timely to meet our customers’ needs. Voce Enterprises covers everything from product order placement, to landing goods in Vancouver to warehousing them in our conveniently located warehouses on the West Coast. 


Since 1985, we've been developing strong partnering relationships with retailers and online businesses across Canada. Our sales team works to connect your brand with the right buyers. Our pro-active service department is dedicated to efficient, friendly, solutions-based service.


Our marketing department is experienced in analyzing and identifying particular fashion and apparel markets within Canada. We then develop a brand strategy based on key components from the brand and what has been identified in the market for each individual supplier to ensure maximum growth and success.

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