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Source and seek out top of the line brands from international and domestic designers and provide them to the Canadian customer in a productive and ergonomic way.

Voce Enterprises is a multi-faceted wholesale lifestyle apparel and swimwear distributor based in Vancouver’s garment district that offers a diverse menu of services focusing on designers from the Southern hemisphere and Canada.

We specialize in building the success of specialty niche lifestyle brands and emerging labels in the Canadian retail market. We are a full-service distributor handling all aspects of business, from sales and marketing to distribution and 3rd party logistics.

Focusing on the needs of our suppliers and by truly understanding a brands DNA, we use our experience and retail knowledge to connect them with their specialized market in Canada. We believe in strong communication with our suppliers to make them feel as if they are in Canada with us and educate them on how we can keep growing the brand and move forward with trends in the market.

Our 30 plus years of experience in the fashion and hard goods industry has given us the opportunity to build relationships with retailers across Canada. We believe that our connection and understanding of our suppliers, vendors and customers are the foundation to building successful brands and maintaining a strong business within the Canadian market.

Voce Enterprises has extensive experience in marketing and public relations enabling us to provide an accurate representation of a brands identity through advertising, brand strategy, influencer marketing, social media and ecommerce.


We strongly believe in supporting community development and encouraging social responsibility through local and international donations to non-profit organizations every year. We strive to provide a green workplace and are committed to cutting back on our carbon footprint with our workplace recycling program. We care deeply about the environment and are always working towards a more efficient and eco-friendlier workspace.

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